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Thu, 2015-04-30 (All day)
Department of Agricultural Economics

Third year Bsc. Agribusiness Management students usually complete a full semester [Year 3 Semester two] on Industrial/Field Attachment in different parts of Kenya. In the last academic year, students were attached in Agribusiness Firms and Companies dealing with Agricultural Marketing/Market Information [e.g., M-Farm, Eastern Africa Grain Council], Regional Agriculture and Environment [e.g., Arid Lands Information Network], Agricultural Processing [New KCC, Tea Companies, DelMonte], financial institutions for example the Rural Finance Department of Equity Bank, Agricultural Research Institutions such as the Kenya Sugar Research Foundation, and various Farmer Field Schools across the country. Teams of Agribusiness staff normally visit the students after two months of attachment to assess their progress, and obtain useful feedback for improvement of the attachment programme as well as other aspects of the entire Agribusiness Management training. Stakeholders have so far expressed satisfaction with the quality of training offered in the Agribusiness Degree Course. The Agribusiness Management Programme is currently being led by Dr. David Jakinda, and various members of staff are usually requested to perform the assessment in different parts of the country each year.