Agricultural & Applied Economics
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This is a regional programme offered at 16 Departments accredited by AERC/CMAAE.  The programme started in 2004 and heavily sponsored by AERC.  Students take their third semester at the university of Pretoria, South Africa.  The programe has attracted many foreign students.


The programme started in 2004 and Prof. Willi-Oluoch Kosura and members of the Department were instrumental in development and implementation of the curriculum

Agricultural & Applied Economics Head
Name/Photo Area of Specialization


Dr Nyikal Rose Adhiambo

B.Sc. Agriculture (UoN), M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

Dr. Rose Nyikal coordinate the Agricultural and Applied Economics, popularly known as the CMAAE program. Dr. Nyikal holds BSc., MSc, PhD (UON).Dr. Rose Nyikal teaches Rural Development Mathematics Read more

Staff(Teachinh &Technical)


Dr John Irungu Mburu

Bsc. Agriculture (UoN), MSc. Agr. (University Of Goettingen) , Ph.D.(University Of Goettingen)


Dr. John Mburu is an Agricultural and Resource Economist who holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics (2002) from the University of Goettingen, Germany. He has worked extensively, for over 13 years, on Crop genetic resources, Animal (livestock) genetic resources, Economics of livestock breeding, Economic valuation of forests and wildlife; Analysis of the efficient and sustainable approaches of conservation of natural resources; Cost-benefit analysis; Incentives for conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, Irrigation, Market chain analysis, Climate change, Cross border trade, Microfinance, Poverty and Horticulture commodity value chain analysis.Dr. Mburu teaches institutional and behaivoural economics.Read more

Prof. Ogutu A.C Akello 

B.Sc. Agriculture,M.Sc. Agricultural Economics , Ph.D. Agricultural Economic


Professor Ackello-Ogutu is a graduate of University of Nairobi (BSc Agriculture and MSc Agricultural Economics) and University of California at Davis (PhD, Agricultural Economics - 1982). He rejoined the Department of Agricultural Economics (University of Nairobi) in June 1982 as a Lecturer and was promoted to the position of Senior Lecturer in 1987.Prof. Ackello-Ogutu teaches issues in Agricultural and Applied Economics.  He also teaches microeconomics. Read more....

Dr Otieno David Jakinda

PhD (Newcastle University, United Kingdom),MSc(UoN),BSc(UoN)

Dr. David Jakinda Otieno is a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He  is an Alumni of the Association for Commonwealth Universities (ACU) with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Agricultural Economics from Newcastle University, United Kingdom; Master of Science Degree (Agricultural Economics) from the University of Nairobi; and Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics (First Class Honors) from Egerton University, Kenya.Dr. Jakinda teaches mathematics for economists.Read more .....

Dr Nzuma Jonathan Makau

PhD (University of Guelph), Msc Agricultural Economics(UoN),Bsc Agriculture(UoN)

Dr. Jonathan Nzuma, BSc. MSc, (University of Nairobi 1997-2001), phD, (University of Guelph-Canada.Dr. Nzuma is a specialist in development economics.  He is vast in Microeconomics, Agri-business management, production economics, and management of thesis and research issues.Read more

Dr Ritho Cecilia Nyawira

B.Sc. Agricuture (UoN), M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

Dr Ritho is a Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics specializing in Resource Economics.  She obtained her PhD from the University of Nairobi in 2005.  She did her PhD coursework at the University of Manitoba, Canada, specializing in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources.  Since obtaining her PhD, she has supervised many PhD and MSc students both at the Department and in other universities.  Dr Ritho currently teaches Econometrics to MSc and PhD students at the Faculty of Agriculture.Read more...


Dr Munei Kimpei

PhD(University of Manchester),MSc(Williams College),BSc(UoN)

Dr Munei is a Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics where he has been teaching since 1990.  He obtained his PhD from University of Manchester in 1989, Master of Arts in Development Economics in 1984 from Williams College, Bachelor of Philosophy of Economics from University of Nairobi in 1981 and B.A. in Economics from Framingham State College in 1979.  Dr Munei teaches Macro-economics, Livestock Economics, Farm Management and Project Management and Evaluation to both post-graduate and undergraduate students.He teaches Econonomics.Read more

Prof Mbogoh Stephen Gichovi

B.Sc. Agriculture ( University of Nairobi ,Kenya ) M.Sc. Agricultural Economics


Prof.Mbogoh has a bachelor degree in Agriculture and a Master and Doctoral degrees in agricultural economics. He has over 35 years of professional experience as an agricultural, livestock and resource development economist and has taught and conducted research at university level since 1976. Prof. Mbogoh started his career initially as a tutorial fellow at the Department of Agricultural Economics of the University of Nairobi in1976. .Read more....

Dr Mugivane Fred Inuani

BSc and MPA (Kentucky State university),MSc (Tennesse state University (USA) PhD from (Mississippi state University)


Dr.Fred I Mugivane,a senior lcturer and chairman of the Department of Agricultural Economics is a social Economist and agricultural extensionist by training.He holds a BSc and MPA degrees from Kentucky State university an MSc degree from Tennesse state University (USA) PhD from (Mississippi state University course work and University of Nairobi).He teaches Gender and Economics.Read more

Prof Kosura W Oluoch 

BSc(UoN),MSc and PhD(Cornell University)

Prof. Willis Oluoch Kosura is a development economist and full professor. He holds BSc(UoN),MSc and PhD(Cornell University)

 He teaches Agricultural development policy,development economics and agricultural policy.He was instrumental in the development of Collaborative MSc. in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) programme and holds positions in many international organizations including being founding president of African  Association of Agricultural Economists.Read more

Dr Irungu Patrick


Dr Irungu is an Agricultural Economist specializing on livestock economics.  He obtained his PhD in 2011 from the University of Nairobi; MSc in Agricultural Economics and BSc in Range Management from the same university.  He joined the University as a Lecturer in 2006. Prior to joining the University, Dr Irungu worked with the then Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute (KETRI), now Trypanosomiasis Research Centre of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) where he was the Research Officer in charge of Environment and Socio-economics Section.Dr. Patrick Irungu teaches production economics.Read more...
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