Agricultural Marketing & Trade
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The objective is to train students on analyses of agricultural marketing problems and expose students to theories of international trade and why nations trade,trade policy, WTO and negotiations.


Agricultural marketing and trade is a fundamental theme in the department and University and has been taught since the existence of the university.  Current agricultural market issues focus on commodity characteristics, alternative institutions to counter market failure, contracting in African agriculture, GATT, Regional integration Agreements, WTO, trade creating and diversion

Agricultural Marketing & Trade Head
Name/Photo Area of Specialization

Prof Mbogoh Stephen Gichovi

B.Sc. Agriculture ( University of Nairobi , Kenya ) M.Sc. Agricultural Economics


Professor Mbogoh is an Agricultural/Resource development economist.  He holds BSc, MSc (UON) and PhD (University of Alberta, Canada).  He is an accomplished researcher in Agricultural marketing and has published several papers in refereed journals in these areas. Professor Mbogoh teaches Agricultural project planning and analysis, Agricultural Technology Transfer, Agricultural Marketing and international trade, science and technology development.Read more


Dr Wangia Sabina Makokha 

PhD(Agric Econ),MSc (Agric Econ),BSc(Agriculture),Dip(Agriculture & Home Economics)


Dr. Sabina Wangia is an agricultural economist specialized in marketing and mathematics for economists and statistics.  She holds BSc, MSc, PhD and teaches Approaches to extension methods, Food economics and policy, agricultural marketing research and analysis, research methods, Food marketing, Mathematics and Statistics.Read more...


Dr Mugivane Fred Inuani

Ph.D in Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension and Marketing University of Nairobi/Mississippi State

Dr. Fred Mugivane is an Agricultural Extension and Socio-Economist.  He holds BSc (Kentuky State University), MSc. (Tennessee state university and PhD (UON/Mississippi State University).  He is an expert in rural sociology and Agricultural Extension. 

 He has authored several teaching/instructional materials including “Development and |Teaching strategies”, “Rural Sociology and community Development”, “Economic characteristics, Needs and Opportunities of small and minority Farms in West Tennessee”.  He teaches rural sociology and community development, agricultural extension, computer concepts and applications, fundamentals of development, Agricultural resources and Agricultural information/communication issues. He has developed and implemented two curricula.

Dr Karugia Joseph Thuo

BSc., MSc. (UON), PhD (Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Karugia is an agricultural Economist and holds BSc., MSc. (UON), PhD (Alberta, Canada).  He teaches mathematics for economists and economic development.  He is currently on leave of absence.Read more

Dr Otieno David Jakinda

PhD (Newcastle University, United Kingdom),MSc(UoN),BSc(Egerton University, Kenya.)

Dr. David Jakinda is an agricultural economist and holds BSc. (Egerton), MSc (UON) phD (UK).  He coordinates agribusiness management and teaches introduction to agribusiness, statistics for economists, econometrics, mathematics for economists, agricultural project planning and analysis, seminars, special projects.  He is incharge of industrial attachment for agribusiness students and lectures at the University of Pretoria once a year during 3rd semester.Read more ...
Degree Programmes
Courses in Agricultural Marketing and Trade contribute to various degrees in the college