Assessment of Consumer Awareness
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About 1/3of the world population access internet today. The frequent use of internet has resulted to firms trying to use the internet in marketing and selling of their products. Buying of these products is as a result of the awareness and perception customers have. This research therefore assessed the level of awareness and perception customers had towards online grocery buying. The results showed that 35.71% are aware of online buying and have adopted, 28.58% are aware but have not adopted while 35.71% are not aware.

Factors that determined the level of awareness include the income level, education, gender, access to internet, occupation and accessibility of these online selling stores. The minimum income level was kshs.60000 and a maximum of kshs.15000000. The mean education was secondary level meaning that education is prioritized in this area.

Factors that discouraged customers who were aware from buying from online include the perception on high prices that represented 50%. Therefore the assumption is if more awareness is created, more buyers will buy from online hence improving the profits for both producers and sellers and this will aid in poverty reduction