An Assessment Of Smallholder Bean Profitability In Kisii County
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This research focused on assessment of smallholder bean profitability in Kisii County. The specific objectives were: to assess the variations in profits among smallholder bean producers in Kisiicounty and the other one is to assess factors causing variations in profits among the smallholder bean producers in the county. The first objective was met by gross margin analysis and the second one the researcher used a regression analysis. The sample size consisted of 50 farmers, data collection was done using multistage sampling method to pick 50 farmers who were interviewed to provide primary data for the study.

The results of the gross margin analysis per unit of land shows that bean production in Kisiicounty is profitable, the gross margins varied across the villages. The regression results shows that four factors are significant in explaining the variations in profits, the factors include :Age of household, primary occupation, income and land under beans.


According to the findings, if bean production could remain an important source of income in the study area, appropriate policies should be put in place which will include more youths into farming. The youths are known to be aggressive and have ability to understand new technologies than the older farmers.