Assessment of the Marketing Constraints Affecting Small-Scale RiceFarmers in Kenya: The case Study of Mwea Irrigation Scheme
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This study was carried out to assess the marketing constraints of small-scale rice farmers in MIS in Kirinyaga County. The scheme has a gazetted area of 30350 acres but only 16000 acres are developed for paddy rice production. The main variety of rice grown is Pishori rice.

The research was a quantitative one and used descriptive survey. The technique used to select a sample size of 35 respondents using a semi-structured questionnaire. Systematic Random sampling was used. The population targeted were rice farmers.

The data collected were captured using SPSS and analysed using SPSS and Microsoft Excel. The analysis included frequencies, descriptions and regression. The finding revealed that there are marketing constraints affecting the small-scale rice farmers in MIS.

The regression analyses showed that credit access, transportation cost, presence of agents and advertisements are marketing constraints affecting small-scale rice farmers in MIS