Assessment Of Fish Marketing Performanceat City Market And Gikomba: The Case Of Nairobi County
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Kenya’s fisheries sector is a key economic driver in terms of food security, employment provision, income earner, source of raw material for fishmeal and for export, and provide market to related industries such net making; boat industry; packaging and electronic industries that manufacture refrigerators and deep freezers.

Marketing is the performance of all business activities, right from the product leaves the point of production or initial state to the hands of consumers via various marketing intermediaries. Marketing has evolved from being primitive {such as use of barter trade: analogue (old economy)} to the current digital economy where internet is mostly used {new economy}.

These markets (City Market and Gikomba) were purposively selected because Nairobi is the country’s capital with high real and potential demand for fish and fish products. In addition, it is a deficit region being far away from the producing region(s).The study utilized mainly primary data. Primary data was collected through the use of questionnaires by the researcher.