An Assessment of the Profitability of Poultry Farming In Trans Nzoia West District
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The study was conducted in four divisions of  Trans-nzoia west district in the month of  January 2014. The selected divisions were; Waitaluk, Central, Kiminin and  Saboti.The study was intended to assess and document the preliminary faindings on the production pattern and the profitability of poultry farming enterprise in Trans-nzoia west distict.

 The Primary data collection was done from three main sources: household questionnaire surveys, checklist , and researcher’s observations. In addition, key informants including Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)officials were interviewed for crosschecking information. Purposive Sampling was carried out as only those households rearing poultry for commercial purposes ( i.e those with over 100 birds) were interviewed. The target population consisted of 35 households.

The data collected was entered into SPSS version  20 and analysed to generate tables of frequencies and to determine correlations between various variables