Extension/outreach activities
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Extension is a general term used in the department to refer to the application of social/economic and scientific research findings, new knowledge, skills and technologies to agricultural practices through farmer education, communication and learning activities organized for rural/urban people by educators and trainers from the different disciplines of UoN including agriculture, veterinary, economics, agricultural marketing, health, business and social studies, engineering among others.  In this regard extension services and work extended by the department beyond the campus and into the communities include: organizing MSc, PhD research theses dissemination workshops where postgraduate students presents their research findings to farmers/stakeholders; Dissemination and application of research findings to development policy and practice; Advocacy of environmental conservation e.g. community forest associations to manage forests and water resource user association to manage water resources; promotion of organic storage systems (super bags, transate liners, silbags, collapsible dyers, aflotoxin, test kit; mega cocoons etc), train farmers on various techniques enhance capacity; demonstration of farming techniques; disseminate innovations through shows, workshops, joint research, exhibitions etc.

Outreach as used in the department means to fill in the gap in the services provided by government and other agents services and targets individuals and in some cases various populations.

Outreach activity is an activity that provides services to communities who might not otherwise have access to those services e.g. marginalized communities.  The department meets occasionally, meets those in need of outreach services at the location where those in need are provision food during famine, assisting to eradicate jigger infected populations, visiting communities to give fertilizer and seed samples etc.  Outreach in the department also has educational role such as raising awareness of existing services and products through tool such as leaflets, newsletters, advertising, posters, stalls and displays and events at common locations in local community institutions such as libraries, community centres, markets and so on.

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Chairman - Agriculrural Economics