Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Information and Communication Management


The origin of the Department of Agricultural Economics dates back to 1970 when the University of Nairobi and the Faculty of Agriculture were established.  Its distinct character for many years was a commitment to provide excellent formal training in Agricultural Economics at the MSc degree level.  In the 1999/2000 academic year, the department introduced new undergraduate degree programmes in BSc Agribusiness Management, BSc Agricultural Education and Extension.  The programs rolled out the first undergraduate graduands in 2003/2004.  In the 2004/2005 academic year, MSc in Agricultural and Applied Economics was launched in the department.  This is a regional program under the name CMAAE offered in 16 universities with the third semester taken at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  CMAAE first cohort enrolled in 2005/2006.  In 2008/2009, another regional (ASARECA) MSc programme in Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM) was rolled out in the department with a distinct focus on the enhancement of skills in Agricultural Information.  The first cohort in MSc-AICM enrolled in 2008/2009.  In 2011/2012 BSc Agricultural Extension/Education and MSc-AICM were put in ODEL mode of delivery and progress is underway to put all the programmes under e-learning.  PhD by research is offered in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Information and Communication Management.

The instruction methods will consist of lectures, laboratory sessions, tutorials, seminars, assigned reading materials and field work or projects.  Course delivery through Open Distance Learning (ODL) heavily rely on ICT.

The postgraduate diploma (PGD) in AICM shall be offered under full-time/part-time and ODL for students who can not attend regular university programme.

The Postgraduate diploma in AICM programme consists of 5 core course units, 1 elective course unit, 2 course units from specialization option and a research project equivalent of 2 course units giving a total of 10 course units.


  1. Students without Agricultural and ICT background will be required to take the four listed remedial courses.  The remedial courses may be taken before such candidates enroll for the PGD or concurrently with PGD in AICM courses.
  2. The Postgraduate diploma in AICM shall take a minimum of two semesters and a maximum of six semesters of 15 weeks each.
  3. A candidate shall be required to take a minimum of two and a maximum of five courses per semester.
  4. A candidate shall be required to take a total of 10 courses including the research project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. Each course shall be taught for a total of 45 contact hours.
  6. The PGD in AICM will consist of coursework and examination.  The coursework will comprise lectures, seminars, class presentations and term papers.
  7. The research project is compulsory and will be equivalent to two courses.  Candidates shall be allowed to choose and work on a project topic related to a development issue of their choice.

PGD in AICM through ODL

The course structure and requirements for PGD in AICM through ODL shall be the same as those for full-time/part-time PGD in AICM.  However, the mode of delivery is as follows:

Largely home based media

Other modes of delivery include:

  1. Written self instructional study modules issued at the registration time
  1. Study books
  2. Relevant literature
  3. Interactive devices and self tests
  4. Booklet and/or pamphlets


  1. Face to Face introductory tutorial
  2. Technology Mediated learning materials
  1. Audio cassettes
  2. E-learning materials
  3. Video clips
  1. Limited face to face sessions to provide overview of the course at commencement of semester, mid semester and revision period before examinations.
  2. Support study centres at the University of Nairobi
  1. Access to information through computers at school of computing and informatics, agricultural economics, computer laboratory, Biometry laboratory at College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) and other centres such as the library.
  2. Access to information through school of journalismUse of libraries at the University of Nairobi and Agricultural research institutions.
  1. Orientation (immediately after registration):
  1. Orientation in ODL delivery
  2. Study, reading and computer skills
  3. Time management and techniques in handling assignments
  4. Mentorship, guidance and counseling
  5. Emphasis is on satellite centres that serve as a link between the university and the student in the following manner:
    • Registration
    • Collecting reading materials
    • Collecting results and programmes
    • Examination information
    • Posting timetable
    • Holding meetings


The common regulations governing postgraduate diploma in all Faculties/Institutes/Schools of the University of Nairobi shall apply.

The minimum requirements for eligibility into the postgraduate Diploma in AICM are:

  1. Holders of at least upper second class Honours degree or equivalent in any discipline from a university recognized by senate.
  2. Holders of at least lower second class Honours degree or equivalent in any discipline from a university recognized by the senate with at least two years relevant experience.
  3. Holders of a pass degree or equivalent in any discipline from a university recognized by the senate with at least 3 years of relevant experience.

Agricultural Information and Communication Management

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