PhD Student Attends a UNEP stakeholder forum
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Date and time: 
Thu, 2019-03-07 (All day)

Magdalene Kyallo(middle) attended a UNEP stake holder forum which ran from 7th -8th March 2019.What came out of the discussion was  that the challenges related to natural resources are both structural and systemic. The food systems which are in place contribute to environmental degradation. Some solutions would be encouraging political will, positive incentive,natural capital and adopting to a circular economy. This will lead to environmentally sound technologies, climate resilient agriculture and flourishing people, environment and nature. The institutional arrangements should be changed from mobilization alone to mobilization and follow-ups. participation of indigineous people in management of ecosystem services should be encouraged with clear tools and strategies of attitude change.

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Sat, 2022-12-31 (All day)