Agricultural Education & Extension
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Extension and Education is designed to train and equip skills to students who will become producers, farm managers, agro processors and marketers, agricultural teachers, extension agent s, thus producing individuals well grounded in various facets of agricultural production for youth employment and self employment.  The programme allows for study in extension and communication methods, education, training and management, research evaluation and planning.  The objective of the programme was to introduce new practices intended to improve the quality of life in rural community and to produce agricultural teachers for high school, agricultural institutions and managers of various farms/firms.


The programme was presented to the faculty in 2004 and to the senate in the same year.;  the first “two’ groups of graduards did not have the component of teaching.  The curriculum was revised in collaboration with school fee education, Kikuyu in 2008 and first group with a teaching certificate will graduate in 2013 September.  The program has since become very popular with increased enrollment are to promise of careers in the area.

Agricultural Education & Extension Head
Name/Photo Area of Specialization

Dr.Fred Mugivane Inuani

Ph.D( University of Nairobi/Mississippi State),BSc and MPA (  Kentucky State university ),MSc (Tennesse state University (USA)

Dr. Fred Mugivane is an agricultural Extensionist and socio-economist.  He holds BSc, MSc, (USA) and phD (UON/Miss State University).  He is head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Coordinates BSc in Agricultural Education and Extension.Read more......


Dr Wangia Sabina Makokha

PhD(Agric Econ),MSc (Agric Econ),BSc(Agriculture),Dip(Agriculture & Home Economics)

Dr Wangia is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics.  She has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from University of Missouri, Columbia, USA and a MSc in Rural Economics from University of Alberta, Canada.  She acquired her BSc in Agriculture from Nairobi University in 1983 and Diploma in Agriculture and Home Economics from Egerton College, Kenya in 1972.Read more........



DR. MUIRU WILLIAM MAINA is lecturer Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection.Read more...

Dr Nyikal Rose Adhiambo

B.Sc. Agriculture (UoN), M.Sc. Agricultural Economics


Dr.Rose Nyikal is a Senior Lecturer and coordinator of the Collaborative Masters program in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE), in the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi.  Rose was also the Department chairman from February 2004 to February 2010. She earned her PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nairobi, with specialization in Production Economics and Rural Finance.Read more.........

Prof Ogutu A C Akello

B.Sc. Agriculture,M.Sc. Agricultural Economics , Ph.D. Agricultural Economic

Professor Ackello-Ogutu is a graduate of University of Nairobi (BSc Agriculture and MSc Agricultural Economics) and University of California at Davis (PhD, Agricultural Economics - 1982). He rejoined the Department of Agricultural Economics (University of Nairobi) in June 1982 as a Lecturer and was promoted to the position of Senior Lecturer in 1987.Read more ...

Prof Akundabweni Levi Shadeya

B. Sc.M.Sc. Ph.D(South Dakota State University)

Prof.Akundabweni Levi S. teachers fodder and pasture.Read more

Dr Onyango Cecilia Moraa

PhD, MSc. Horticulture, BSc. Agricuture

Dr. Onyango is plant scienties.  Dr. Onyango teacvhes introduction to plant science.Read more ..

Mr Titus Magomere

Mr. Magomere is from PS/CP.  Mr. Magomere teaches genetics.

Dr Richard Ombui Nyankanga

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Horticulture)

Dr. Nyankanga teaches  Agricultural botany .Read more..

Dr Ayuya Joseph Maina

MSc. Microbiology and Public Health BVM Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Ayugya Teaches Parasitology.Read more

Dr Gitao George Chege

PhD Veterinary pathology and Microbiology , Msc Virology , B.V. M Veterinary medicine

He teaches parasitology.Read more

Dr Muthomi James W

BSc. Agric., M.Sc. Plant Pathology, Ph.D Crop Protection (University of Nairobi)

Dr. Muthomi teaches microbiology.Read more

Prof Maingi Ndichu

(BVM, MSc, PhD)

Prof Maingi Ndichu teaches parasitology.Read more
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