Rural development & Institutional Policy
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This thematic area emphasizes that, rural development activities must be

  1. Organized around well defined technologies and objective
  2. Organized to use available human resource endowments in rural areas
  3. Dependent on development of institutional capacity to mobilize the limited political and economic resources available in rural communities
  4. Made to understand welfare in rural areas remains a problem of level of output per person and distribution and
  5. Organized around human resources that have received formal training.
  6. The major objective of the thematic area is to provide student with a variety of methodological issues to analyze multiple facets of rural and regional development and examine the impact of macro – economic policies on rural development.


The themes in this thematic areas have evolved from those of the 1970 where emphasis was on transforming traditional agriculture to theories of economic development.  Over the years ,themes have moved to agricultural development and land issues, to rural- urban migration and rural urban poverty.  The current issues emphasize food policy and food security, employment and income, development of small medium scale enterprises in rural areas, rural development policies and framework.

Rural development & Institutional Head
Name/Photo Area of Specialization

Prof Kosura W Oluoch

BSc(UoN),MSc and PhD(Cornell University)

Prof. Willis Oluoch Kosura is a development economist and full professor. He holds BSc(UoN),MSc and PhD(Cornell University)

 He teaches Agricultural development policy,development economics and agricultural policy.He was instrumental in the development of Collaborative MSc. in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) programme and holds positions in many international organizations including being founding president of African  Association of Agricultural Economists


Dr Mugivane Fred Inuani

Ph.D in Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension and Marketing University of Nairobi/Mississippi State


Dr. Fred Mugivane is an Agricultural Extension and Socio-Economist.  He holds BSc (Kentuky State University), MSc. (Tennessee state university and PhD (UON/Mississippi State University).  He is an expert in rural sociology and Agricultural Extension. 

 He has authored several teaching/instructional materials including “Development and |Teaching strategies”, “Rural Sociology and community Development”, “Economic characteristics, Needs and Opportunities of small and minority Farms in West Tennessee”.  He teaches rural sociology and community development, agricultural extension, computer concepts and applications, fundamentals of development, Agricultural resources and Agricultural information/communication issues. He has developed and implemented two curricula.

Dr Nyikal Rose Adhiambo

B.Sc. Agriculture (UoN), M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

Dr. Rose Nyikal, a former chair of the \Department, is a development Economist and holds Bsc, MSc, PhD(UoN).  She is Coordinator of (CMAAE) program and teaches managerial Economics, development economics, rural and micro finance, production economics, firm/Farm accounts and planning, extension programming, operation research and Maths for economists.

Dr Ritho Cecilia Nyawira

B.Sc. Agricuture (UoN), M.Sc. Agricultural Economics


Dr. Cecilia Ritho is a resource economist and holds BSc, MSc, and PhD (UoN).  She teaches Farm Management,  Farming as a business, statistics/economics, quantitative methods, farming systems and rural livelihoods, business statistics

Dr Okello Julius J

BSc, MSc. (UON) and PhD (Michigan State, USA).

Dr. J.J. Okello is an agricultural economist and holds BSc, MSc. (UON) and PhD (Michigan State, USA).  He teaches organization theory, Development Economics, statistics, Resource use and management. He is well published and an outstanding researcher, currently on leave of absence..

Dr Karugia Joseph Thuo

BSc., MSc. (UON), PhD (Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Karugia is an agricultural Economist and holds BSc., MSc. (UON), PhD (Alberta, Canada).  He teaches mathematics for economists and economic development.  He is currently on leave of absence.Read more..

Poverty impacts of straddling rural income diversification in Sub-Saharan Africa.  
Degree Programme

Courses in the Rural Development theme contribute to various degree  requirements in the college.