Kollie B.Dogba's Conference Paper Presented at the International (Digital) Conference on Precision and Food Waste.

Cassava can be cultivated for food and income purposes. In Liberia, many of the agricultural households plant Cassava. Nimba is one of the counties with intensive cassavacultivating farmers. The North-eastern County borders the Republics of Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire. Many of the Cassava farmers in Nimba cultivate cassava for sustenance purposes. Emerging crop trading opportunities trigger the concerns to assess the effectiveness of existing cassava technology to stimulate production for higher income and economic development. However, there is dearth information on the level of cassava production efficiency in Liberia. Therefore, the study sought to examine the economic efficiency of cassava production to farmers in Nimba using an output-oriented approach.

Kollie Dogba doing field research work

Kollie,a postgraduate student in the department has in his latest conference paper titled " Economic efficiency of Cassava production in Liberia using an output-oriented approach" been rejoicing for having his paper presented at the International (digital) Conference on Precision and Food Waste on April 28, 2020.View his conference paper in the attachment provided below.