Department Collaborates With MEDA Through Agri-wallet Innovation Project.

MEDA combines innovative private sector solutions with a commitment to the advancement and empowerment of excluded, low-income and disadvantaged communities (including women and youth) with core expertise in market systems, financial services, and investment. MEDA partners with local private, public and civil society actors, strengthening individuals, institutions, communities and ecosystems, and thereby contributing to sustainable and inclusive systemic change.

Prof John Mburu and Esther Mujuka With November Dodore Team

Clara Yoon - the Project Manager of Global Programs, MEDA wrote to the department of Agricultural Economics a final note for it's contributions to MEDA INNOVATE over the last few years, as they  closed out the program a few days ago. Esther Mujuka,a postgraduate student in the department and one of the participants is  acknowledged to have learned so much from the diverse projects that were implemented and appreciated the  active collaboration and contribution to the lessons and success of the program.

Clara Yoon  was also grateful that the department of Agricultural Economics trusted MEDA to interact with and engage with their clients and relevant partners during monitoring visits.In managing the project, some personal highlights included working with creative and responsive partners, visiting the various projects and learning from us and for our clients, organizing learning events (online and in-person) to share the results and lessons learned and finally the opportunity to iterate, problem-solving and innovation within our project team and with our partners.

She also thanked the department  for all of their tremendous contributions to the project and for  participating in the workshops and events MEDA  held and organized and for it's dedication to serving their clients with the products/services that  foster resilience, productivity, economic empowerment and financial stability. 

Final Synthesis Report: