Invitation to Upcoming Academic Synergy Workshop

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Academic Synergy Workshop

We are delighted to extend an invitation to you and your esteemed colleagues for our upcoming event, the Academic Synergy: Bridging Publishing Pathways North and South workshop. Organised by HELP Logistics in collaboration with Emerald Publishing, this event aims to foster a rich dialogue between academic scholars and practitioners worldwide, focusing on the diverse narratives and dynamics surrounding academic publishing.


Event Details:


  1. Title: Academic Synergy: Bridging Publishing Pathways North and South
  2. Date: Monday, 27th November
  3. Time: 3:00 PM CEST
  4. Platform: Zoom


About the Workshop:

This workshop will explore critical aspects of academic writing, research methodology, and impact literacy, with a focus on bridging the gaps between different academic traditions. Renowned speakers and experts from diverse fields will share their insights and strategies for successful academic publishing, promoting inclusivity and diversity in academic discourse.


Session Highlights:

  1. Understanding core principles of academic writing
  2. Exploring nuanced dynamics of publishing in a global context
  3. Sharing experiences and strategies for successful academic publishing
  4. We are incredibly excited about this event and believe it will be a valuable opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking.



To secure your spot, please register for the workshop through the following link:


We look forward to welcoming you to this engaging and insightful workshop. Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues and peers who might be interested.


Warm regards,


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Prof. Dr Lester Brian Shawa

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