KARLO Research Assistant Accompanies a Student and Lectures in Kapsengere to offer Agricultural Extension Services to a Legume Farmer

Agricultural extension is one of the services offered by the department to the community.

Staff from the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi (from right, Dr. Evans Ligare Chimoita and Dr. David Jakinda Otieno), a CMAAE student (Susan Oburu) and a research assistant from KALRO

A legume farmer in Kapsengere, Nandi County was on  September 4th,2020 overjoyed to have been visited by two lectures from the department who are Dr. Evans Ligare Chimoita and Dr. David Jakinda Otieno and a postgraduate student called Susan Oburu.in their company also was a KARLO research assistant.The team  advised the farmer on how to increase her legume yields by bettering her farming methods.