What factors influence access to and the level of participation in high value mango markets by smallholder farmers in Ghana?

Abstract: Market participation is critical to smallholder agricultural production because it stimulates increased productivity and enhances poverty alleviation. Accessibility to high value markets and participation by small-scale mango farmers in these markets in Southern Ghana are low and have received little attention on both policy and academic
fronts. This study analyzed the factors that drive smallholder farmers in Ghana to participate in high value mango markets in Southern Ghana. A multistage random sampling technique was used to select 224 mango producing households. A triple hurdle model was used in the study to capture a 3-step decision-making process.
The results from the estimation of the triple hurdle model showed that participation in high value markets was influenced by education, household income, farming experience, ownership of a motorized transport (tricycle) and a radio, trust, distance to road, certification and access to credit. The level of participation in the export markets was determined by household size, household income, farming experience, distance to tarmacked roads and price. The study recommends intensive education and training to capacitate smallholder farmers to enable them to understand and meet the requirements of high value markets. Also, the farmers should be given
access to credit and transaction-costs-reducing assets to enhance their participation in high value markets. Finally, certification should be duly encouraged among smallholder mango farmers to ease their access to and participation
in high value mango markets.

High value markets
Market participation
Level of participation


Rexford Akrong *, Stephen G. Mbogoh, Patrick Irungu

Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya