Agricultural & Applied Economics (CMAAE)

Agricultural & Applied Economics

The Course reviews basic concepts of economics, microeconomics economic system, and its tasks.  The major areas covered include theory of the firm: production Economics, costs, and cost functions; consumer theory, market structure and market failure, resources, production, costs and functions, profit maximization, and Decision making.

The objective of the thematic area is to enable students to understand and be able to apply economic concepts, and theories of the firm decision-making consumer theory price for mentioned analysis factor. (markets) and failure.

The focus in economics as a thematic is to cultivate a sense of entrepreneurship, develop skills in business, apply economic skills to development, and analyze and interpret data.

1. Prof. Rose Nyikal

2. Prof. John Mburu

3. Prof. Jonathan Nzuma

4. Prof. David Jakinda

5. Dr. Cecilia Ritho

6. Dr. Patrick Irungu