First Virtual Graduation Ceremony is Only a Few Weeks Away

"We are going to hold the 63rd graduation ceremony virtually on 25th September 2020" Prof.Kiama Gitahi

63rd graduation ceremony around the corner

The 63rd University of Nairobi graduation ceremony will be held virtually on September 25, 2020. This was revealed by the Vice-chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama in his address to the University community of July 24, 2020.

“We are going to hold the 63rd graduation ceremony virtually on September 25, 2020,” he announced. “We plan to graduate all qualified graduands for PhDs, Masters, Bachelors, Diplomas and fellowships.”

The Vice-Chancellor called on all to continue exercising caution by observing the guidelines issued by the government through the Ministry of Health.

“In view of the current trends of infections and the need to ensure staff and students safety, the University of Nairobi will continue to dispense its services using online platforms.  The online teaching and learning, online admissions, online exams and virtual graduation will continue until such a time when we shall begin to see a decline in number of cases or when the experts will advice that it is safe to resume on campus learning,” he said. “The Academic Division will issue joining instructions and guidelines for conducting the online orientation for the class of 2020/2021-First Year soon. The continuing students will also commence the new academic year virtually in September. The Senate is going to deliberate and provide specific dates.”

Emeritus Professors

The Vice-Chancellor also addressed the issue of retired professors.

“Intellectual capital is invaluable. Professors constitute the intellectual wealth and pool of wisdom of the University. There is therefore need to develop mechanisms of retaining those who retire,” he noted. “The University of Nairobi statutes provide for Position of Emeritus Professor, to be conferred on merit to the professors who retire and meet the eligibility criteria. I am glad to inform you that the Senate has approved procedures and regulations for the positions of Emeritus Professors. This will enable us to retain the services of productive professors beyond their retirement age.”

Year of jubilee

Prof. Kiama also informed the University community the significance of the year 2020.

“We are marking 50 years since the University became a fully-fledged University. We became the first Public University in Kenya on July 1, 1970. It is time to take stock of our contributions during the last fifty years,” he said. “It is time to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where we can have more impact and continue being relevant to the society. There is need to celebrate our achievements and recognize those who have contributed significantly to who we are today.”