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Effect of Seed Treatment on Wheat Seed Viability and Vigour 

Use of farm-saved seed without treating encourage accumulation of seed borne pathogens which lead to outbreak and spread of diseases that result in poor emergence, crop stand, vigour, and reduction in yield. This study sought to determine the effect of seed treatment on viability and vigour.

Biopesticides and Their Role in Sustainable Agricultural Production

Biopesticides are derivatives of plants, microorganisms and insects. Substances from plants and animals have been used to manage diseases in crops, animals and humans. Reliance on nature to heal nature is a practice for many people around the world. Use of natural products was overtaken by synthetic chemicals due to their efficacy, reliability and quick knockdown effect.

Assessing Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Preference of Legume-Cereal-Root Based Porridges in Nandi County 

Previously, porridge has been cereal based, consumed as a beverage or weaning food. Malnutrition among children has necessitated inclusion of legumes and roots in an effort to boost nutrient density. Therefore, the current study aimed at identifying the most acceptable porridge based on different food ingredient combination. Composite porridge flour included legumes (soybean, groundnut, and lablab), cereals (finger millet, sorghum, maize, and wheat), pseudocereals (pumpkin seed, buckwheat, and amaranth seed), and roots (cassava and arrowroot).

Influence of Coating Application Methods on the Postharvest Quality of Cassava

Various modes of edible coating application vary in their coat dispersion and film formation, hence the need to determine the most effective mode of application for cassava. Edible surface coatings have been found to be effective in preserving the quality of various food products. However, there are variations in effectiveness among the different coating solutions, hence the need for optimization of the concentrations of the gums used. This study aimed at determining the most efficient coating application method on the cassava postharvest quality.