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The origin of the Department of Agricultural Economics dates back to 1970 when the University of Nairobi and the Faculty of Agriculture were established.  Its distinct character for many years was a commitment to provide excellent formal training in Agricultural Economics at the MSc degree level.  In 1999/2000 academic year, the department introduced new undergraduate degree programmes in BSc Agribusiness Management, BSc Agricultural Education and Extension.  The programs rolled out the first undergraduate graduands in 2003/2004.  In 2004/2005 academic year MSc in Agricultural and Applied Economics was launched in the department.  This is a regional program under the name CMAAE offered in 16 universities with a third semester taken at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  CMAAE first cohort enrolled in 2005/2006.  In 2008/2009, another regional (ASARECA) MSc programme in Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM) was rolled out in the department with a distinct focus on enhancement of skills in Agricultural Information.  The first cohort in MSc-AICM enrolled in 2008/2009.  In 2011/2012 BSc Agricultural Extension/Education and MSc-AICM were put in ODEL mode of delivery and progress is underway to put all the programmes under e-learning.  PhD by research is offered in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Information and Communication Management.  In summary the following degree programmes exist in the department:


  1. BSc Agribusiness Management
  2. BSc Agricultural Education and Extension
  3. MSc. Agricultural Economics
  4. MSc. Agricultural Information Communication & Management
  5. PGD Agricultural Information Communication and Management
  6. MSc. Agricultural and Applied Economics
  7. PhD Agricultural Economics
  8. PhD Agricultural Information & Communication Management


The following have been chairmen/chairpersons of the Department of Agricultural Economics:

      2004-2011   Dr. Rose Nyikal,

1999-2004   Prof. Willis Oluoch-Kosura

1994-1999   Prof. Stephen Gichovi Mbogoh

1987-1993   Prof. Chris Aggrey Ackello-Ogutu

1980-1986   Prof. Wilfred Muthaka Mwangi

1977-1979   Prof. Ernest-Wilhelm Schenk

1975-1976   Prof. Adolf Weber

1970-1974   Prof. Heinz U. Thimm