A Vibrant Kenyan Agroeconomist Philip Kiriinya Miriti Reports On Comparative Gendered Assessment Of Productivity, Technical Efficiency And Technology Gaps In Sorghum Plots In Three Agro-Ecological Zones Of Uganda

The agricultural sector is faced with productivity differentials among male, female and jointly managed plots especially in developing countries, which affect technical efficiency (TE). In Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) gender productivity differentials vary between 4 and 40%, this negatively affects the overall agricultural output both at the household and national level.

Kollie B. Dogba, A Young Agricultural Scientist From Liberia Gives A Report On Economic Efficiency Of Cassava Production In Bomi And Nimba Counties, Liberia

The study sought to determine the economic efficiency of cassava production in two counties, Bomi and Nimba. Economic efficiency is the ability for farmers to produce using all available inputs properly and at the lowest possible cost (or at the highest possible revenue). Cassava is largely cultivated in Nimba and locally processed largely in Bomi. The two counties are more than 300km apart, with Nimba in the Northeast and Bomi in the Northwest of Liberia.

Chipango Lukungu,A Postgraduate Student From Zambia on the Effectiveness of Communication Channels in Dissemination of Fall Armyworm Information in Maize Production in Kenya.

Effective communication channels have played an imperative role in the dissemination of critical information to farmers. There are modern information sources and media channels disseminating information on farming activities and practices in Kenya, however, dismal attention has been given to the effectiveness of such information communication channels in disseminating information to farmers, especially on Fall Armyworms (FAW).