The Master of Science programme in Agricultural and Applied Economics involves collaboration of sixteen universities in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa region. Its underlying premise is the need for highly trained local professionals to address the challenges posed by far reaching changes in global and local economies, technology, and marketing, by adapting their advanced knowledge and methods to the particular institutional, political and economic circumstances of the region.


Agriculture is the mainstay of Kenyas economy and creating an understanding of how the available resources in the country can be allocated optimally to spur economic growth and development is critical. The Master of Science in Agricultural Economics is intended to equip the students with skills necessary to develop the understanding and apply those skills to contribute towards agricultural development anywhere in the world. The demand for a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics is very high.

Bachelor of Science Agriculture, Education and Extension

The Department of Agricultural Economics proposes to start a degree of B.Sc. (Agricultural Education and Extension). The emphasis of the programme is on Rural Sociology, Extension Education, Cultural and Rural Development. The aims and objectives of the programme shall be to produce personnel who will help to enhance participation of agricultural change agents, such as extension agents, farm advisors, community agents and the others who are dedicated to developing Kenyas food supplies and helping people in other ways.