Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
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The Course reviews basic concepts of economics, micro economics economic system and its tasks.  The major areas covered include theory of the firm: production Economics, costs and cost functions; consumer theory, market structure and market failure, resources, production, costs and functions, profit maximization, Decision making.

The objective of the thematic area is to enable students to understand and be able to apply economic concepts, theories of the firm decision making consumer theory price for mention analysis factor. (markets) and failure.

The focus in economics as a thematic  is to  cultivative  a sense of entrepreneurship,develop skills in business,apply economic skills to development,analyze and interpret data.


Economics is a fundamental thematic area in the Department.  It is one of the earliest courses introduced in 1971 when the Faculty of Agriculture was established.


MacroEconomics & MicroEconomics   Head
Name/Photo Area of Specialization

Prof Ogutu A C Akello 

B.Sc. Agriculture,M.Sc. Agricultural Economics , Ph.D. Agricultural Economic

Prof. Christ Ackello- Ogutu BSc. MSc. (UON), phD (University of California, Davis) professor

Ackello-Ogutu is a development and agricultural economist.  He has published a book titled,“BasicConcepts of microeconomics: with special references to Kenya (1990).  His classes are among the largest and also teaches introductory course “Introduction to East African Agriculture” issues in Agriculture and Applied Economics, principles of Agricultural extension.Read more...



Dr Nzuma Jonathan Makau

PhD (University of Guelph), Msc Agricultural Economics(UoN),Bsc Agriculture(UoN)



Dr. Jonathan Nzuma, BSc. MSc, (University of Nairobi 1997-2001), phD, (University of Guelph-Canada.Dr. Nzuma is a specialist in development economics.  He is vast in Microeconomics, Agri-business management, production economics, and management of thesis and research issues.Read more

Dr Munei Kimpei 

PhD (University of Manchester), MSc (Williams College), BSc (UoN)


Dr. Kimpey Munei is macroeconomist who holds  BA, B-phil, M.A. (USA) and phD (University of Manchester UK 1990).  Basically, a pastoral economist, he teaches macroeconomics, money and banking, Theories of money and seminars The focus ion ‘economics’ as a thematic area is to cultivate a sense of entrepreneurship, develop skills in business apply economic skills to development, analyze and interpret data.


Prof Mbatia Oliver L E

PhD(Oregon State University Corvallis, USA),MSc(Oregon State University Corvallis, USA),BSc(Wisconsin State University, USA.

Prof. OLE Mbatia is an agricultural economist specialized in macroeconomics.  He holds BSc, MSc, , small and Medium enterprise development and entrepreneurship. He has produced a manual on macroeconomics.Read more....

Degree Courses

BSc.Agricultural Economics

MSc.Agricultural Economics

BSc.Agricultural Education & Extension

BSc.Agribusiness Management

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Career Opportunities
  • Communicators in Agriculture
  • Extension Service Offices
  • Firm managers
  • Information Producers
  • Agricultural Journalists
  • Video producers in Agriculture
  • Transfer of Knowledge and Sharing Managers
  • Agricultural Officers in Private and Public Sectors